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Krylic Paints (Pty) Ltd are Cape Town-based manufacturers and suppliers of a high-quality, new-generation range of 100% water-based acrylic paint products, available across South Africa.

We pride ourselves on providing quality paint at a competitive price.

Our range of water-based acrylic paint is formulated by an experienced chemist to be exceptionally durable and UV resistant with excellent adhesion.

We have every surface covered.

Our range of exterior and interior acrylic coatings is designed to be comprehensive. Our versatile paint range is rounded out by acrylic wood, metal and plaster primers, a gloss enamel fibre encapsulation
coating and superior liquid rubber waterproofing.

Our range of colours is boundless.

Krylic tinting system produces thousands of different colours, utilising a standardised colour formulation process to meet exacting colour matching standards.


It’s our pleasure to please. Based on the quality of our products and our commitment to exceeding our clients’ expectations, we aim to become South Africa’s top-of-mind paint manufacturer and supplier.


Our mission is to continually evolve and improve our products while keeping them affordable, and to always give of our best in providing top-notch service to our clients.


Quality ingredients at Krylic Paints

Quality ingredients.

The sun’s UV rays are one of the paint’s worst enemies, as they break down pigments and destroy the bond between pigment particles. They also destroy paint’s bond with a painted surface. Krylic uses prime pigments and quality acrylic binders that better resist the damaging effects of sun radiation. Krylic’s quality acrylic binders also ensure our paint adheres better and resists wear. Our additives include rheology modifiers that provide better hide-through flow and levelling of the coating, mildewcides that keep mildew in check, quality dispersing agents that keep pigment evenly distributed and preservatives that prevent spoilage.

Exacting Colour Matching at Krylic Paints

Exacting colour matching.

Paint and coating colour formulation processes require fixed conditions and procedures to match colour efficiently and eliminate the variable elements that can influence the end colour – such as using a new base or water from a different location. Krylic has established a controlled environment and implements a standardised colour formulation process to meet exacting colour-matching standards.