While it is quicker to cut corners…

Ultimately, preparing and painting correctly the first time saves time and money. The secret of a perfect, long-lasting paint finish is a sound, clean and dry substrate, along with the correct use of the most appropriate products.

Paint is scientifically formulated, using a variety of chemicals that are combined in the correct proportions to provide it with its particular properties. For optimal coating performance, and to ensure maximum durability, it is essential that each distinctive paint coating is applied according to the manufacturer’s specifications, using best painting practices. Come and talk to us about your painting needs.

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Exterior paints

Fact 1

Fact 1

The human eye can differentiate between 10 million different colours.
When it comes to paint application, the way each colour is perceived is affected by factors such as light, surface and texture.

Fact 2

Paint dries quickest when temperatures are around 21.5 ̊C. Paint will spread more smoothly and absorb faster at these temperatures than in the cold or sweltering heat.

Fact 3

Fact 3

Paint colours are said to affect your mood. Greens and blues are reportedly good for stress relief and are best used in the bedroom. Strong colours, like oranges and reds, are known to invigorate and wake you up and might be best used in an office or a living room.